Image Of Christ Appears

Catalan archeologists were digging in Egypt when they encountered in a cave some paintings. The images appeared to derive from the early days of Coptic Christians who once were an important segment of the Egyptian religion. Few Muslims realize that many Egyptians became followers of Jesus Christ and today those who term themselves to be Coptic Christians predate the Muslims by several hundred years. Dr.Josep Prado of the University of Barcelona, believes the image discovered might be among the earliest visual presentations of Jesus Christ. He notes the image if that of a “young man with curly hair dressed in a short tunic with his hand raised as if giving a blessing.” We decided to check with some important Americans as to their reaction to this image.

1. Sarah Palin notes the hand raised most probably provides proof that Jesus was carrying his gun aloft in case he met an enemy.

2. John Boehner, House Majority leader, made clear before he issued any statement to the media, he would have to discuss this issue with fellow Republicans and the Koch Brothers.

3. Senator Ted Cruz wants to know if this figure wanted to seek to enter America as an illegal immigrant.

4. President Obama said the CIA, at this time, lacks information regarding the alleged visual image.

5. Pope Francis intends to call the image as soon as possible.

6. President Vladimir Putin is concerned the image has on a short tunic, does this suggest the image is a gay man?