Imam–Hubby Is Right

Two investigative reporters visited ten  mosques in Sweden in search of advice from imams on how to deal with husbands. Nine of ten imams made clear their husband was always right, their husband had a right to more than one wife, and they should learn to adjust to the needs of husband. Oh, if he beat the hell out of you, keep quiet and don’t let the world know your husband is an abusive man.

Six of ten urged no reporting about anything happening at home to the local police. Just pass of the beating scars as a result of your own clumsy behavior. If your hubby wants sex and you do not want sex, their advice is to pretend to love every moment of their entry into your body. One imam in Uppsala told the women to forgive and forget when spouse rapes you or assaults your body. After all, he is head of the family!

I assume imams tell husbands to forgive wives who fool around.