Immigrant Children To Finland Need More Assistance

Finland increasingly has become the destination of thousands of immigrants. During the past four decades the new Finnish immigration has come from the Middle East and Africa which is a revolutionary change for the Finnish education system. A recent study in Finland suggests a growing gap between what immigrant children need and what is being delivered by the school system. A child from an African or Arab background undoubtedly will encounter school bullying or discover few teachers in the school have the language skills needed to work with these new immigrants. The report notes, “Finnish language and remedial teaching” must be vastly improved.

Finland, like so many European nations is experiencing a new diversity arriving and they are discovering a lack of trained educators, reading materials, and sensitivity toward their needs within existing school systems. Educators have to learn more about the cultures of the new immigrants as well as how there is need to adjust teaching materials and methods.

  • John

    The answer is to keep these children out of Finland, unless one likes conflict and the degradation of school systems.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Spoken like a true believer in democracy.

  • John

    Democracy does not involve bringing in immigrants. So, yes, spoken by a believer in democracy.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Immigrants made the United States an important economic power. They created new industries like the movie industry and brought new ideas to our society. The child of an immigrant, Barack Obama, is now president of the United States. I’ll take Obama, what do you have in Finland?

  • John

    I noticed that you avoided the concept of democracy and moved sideways rhetorically to denigrate another country.
    Again, the concept of democracy has nothing to do with allowing in immigrants.

  • Fred Stopsky

    Of course, democracy has everything to do with immigrants. Every human traces his or her ancestry to a common origin in Africa. We ALL came out of Africa, some early, some later. Once you begin segregating people by how recent their arrival you destroy the essential equality inherent in a democracy.
    I, at no point, made any insulting remarks about Finland. I simply asked if Finland is ready to accept people of diverse backgrounds. Why is that question, “denigrating?”

  • John

    Democracy has to do with who is legally in a country not with who is outside the country. Not accepting immigrants or accepting immigrants is unrelated to democracy.

    “I’ll take Obama. What do you have in Finland?” does not sound like a simple question of fact, as you know.

    But we might note this:

    According to “Statistics Finland” in year 2000, Turks rape 42.38 times more than Finns in Finland.

    Somalis 33.38 and Iraqis 24.87 times more than Finns.

    Tilastokeskus – Statistikcentralen – Statistics Finland

    In year 2006 and 2007 more than 50 percent of rapes in Helsinki were commited by foreigners. The share of foreign citizens in Finland is 2.5 percent.

  • Fred Stopsky

    How about providing crime statistics based on poverty in Finland?
    The fact that some immigrants rape or steal does not mean that 95% of them do. Americans used to cite such statistics about immigrant Jews and Italians when in the early 1900s, the Jewish-Italian crime alliance was powerful. Figures on Jewish crime today are lower than the national average. Finland is part of the world. Join it, you might like it.

  • ross mcdonald

    Not recommended to raise a foreign child in Finland, racist people with no culture whatsoever.