Immigrant Rights In EU

A new ruling by the European Union is creating extensive discussion in many nations since it impacts any in which there are immigrants. The Zambrano Ruling says it is a violation of European Union law if a member country rejects residence and work permits for foreign nationals who support a child that has EU citizenship. The Zambrano ruling makes clear that any EU citizen has the right to live anywhere in the EU and this applies to members of their family. In Denmark, thousands of Danes who have family members living elsewhere are being urged to apply for family reunification.

America has been pursing a different approach by utilizing punitive measures in order to prevent “illegal immigrants” from securing the road to citizenship. Throughout human history, peoples have moved to new lands. During the 19th century, people moved back and forth across the US-Canadian border without needing a visa. Of course, since there were no humans in the western hemisphere until people came from Asia, we are all illegal immigrants.