Immigrant Wins Civil Rights Case In Australia

Today, somewhere in the world one of the 200 million migrants who are in a new land in search of work is being abused by an employer. A woman is being assaulted, raped and left alone to deal with the pain of being brutalized. On some farm dozens of migrant workers are denied rights to decent food, water, or housing. In all too many cases they are treated no bette than a galley slave. Rashmika Patel migrated to Australia in hope of work for her family. She find employment on a farm, but within a few weeks the owner began to make sexual advances and eventually used force in order to have sex. She went to local authorities, but they did not appear interested and it took seven months before they even questioned the man who did the assault. Eventually, local police said there was insufficient evidence to convict anyone.

In most such cases the victim returns home, but Ms. Pagtel remained and fought. The Australian Victims Compensation Tribunal held in her favor and ordered payment of compensation for the crime. It blasted New South Wales police for failing to act about a case of “indecent assaults of sexual intercourse.” The UN should create an international court to handle cases involving the 200 million migrants.