Immigrants And Multiculturalism In Finland

Among the remarkable examples of modern life is the increasing number of immigrants into Finland who come from all parts of the world. The northern nation is no longer a land of tall, blue eyed and golden hair folk, but a modern Finn comes in all shapes, sizes and colors. Minister for Foreign Affairs, Alexander Stubb, welcomes changes but fears it has also aroused an opposition that “reeks of racism, nationalism, populism and xenophobia.” He defends allowing refugees to obtain asylum which he believes is ethically right. Stubb denounces those who argue immigrants are living off welfare payments since data does not support that contention. Ironically, a problem is the openness that Finland offers to those seeking asylum.

Many Finns are upset because so many immigrants come from European Union nations such as Bulgaria or Rumania which hardly qualify for anyone claiming they fear returning to violence. However, those nations still retain many who discriminate against minorities in their nation such as the Romas.