Immigrants Have Human Rights!

An estimated 200,000,000 people at this very moment are in the status of being an immigrant living in a strange land. They leave a native land due to hunger or brutality or violence and seek in another clime the making of a decent life. During the past few years thousands of migrants have fled North Africa, including many who were trapped in the revolution that swept Gaddafi from power. The closest destination for many of these refugees was Italy or France.

Under former Prime Minister Berlusconi, a Push-back” policy used force to send migrants back home. The European Court of Human Rights ruled the push-back policy violated human rights because it never allowed a refugee to prove he or she faced possible death or violence if returned home. It declared the Berlusconi policy of sending armed sailors to intercept and then return refugees violated EU law.

Gee, wouldn’t it be wonderful for we Americans to have a Court the handled human rights.