Immigrants Treated As Immigrants

The nation of Qatar is rather quaint. It is ruled by a small elite which holds all power and it imports labor to handle the labor required in this small–but Wealthy– nation. The UN International labor Organisation blasted Qatar for its use of this imported labor force. This tiny land currently has 1.2 million immigrants who do all the grunt work. Qatar is host to the World Cup in 2022 and is building and building with the labor of those who never were born in Qatar. The ILO reports hundreds of examples of abused workers laboring under horrendous conditions. Safety rules are ignored, men work long hours with limited safety protection and they are treated –as immigrant labor. They are expected to work and work, receive low wages and allow Qatar to host a world athletic event.

The ILO found evidence of workplace accidents, men dying of access to sufficient water, many not even paid and the government taking away passports in order to prevent men from leaving the country. We will ignore the rape of domestic servants. Anyway, welcome in 2022 to a world sporting event!

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