Immigrants Welcome But Not Foreign Food!

The Norwegian economy now depends on the immigration of foreign labor from east European nations in order to harvest its crops, but Norwegian farmers are very hostile to allowing in food grown in other nations. Latest figures indicate about 70% of Norwegian farmers now rely on east European workers to handle their harvest. According to Pal Haugsbo, leader of the Norwegian Farmerss Union, commented: “That sounds like a high figure to me, but it’s no secret that we need workers from the expanded EU area.” He apparently sees no contradiction in reaching out to European sources for needed labor, but violently opposing the importation of crops from other EU nations.

At the heart of the need for foreign workers is a desire on the part of Norwegian farmers to reduce food costs so they can be competitive on the world market. “it’s access to cheap labor which allows Norwegian farms to scape by in the face of high costs, in order to compete with cheap imports, it;s obviously an advantage to employ labor that doesn’t demand high wages,” noted Mr. Haugsbo.

Norway, like most post industrial societies depends on importation of cheap labor because the existing educated work force does not wish to engage in hard physical work. We are in a new era in which societies need foreign immigrants while political leaders rant on about immigrants.