Immigration Down Under Is Under

New Zealand which has a fairly prosperous society is experiencing a shifting pattern of immigration and migration. Migration out of New Zealand towards Australia reached 47,800 this year compared to 34,000 last year and immigration is not matching the outward flow of people. Political leaders are trying to figure out what is going on and initially have concluded higher wages in Australia are encouraging New Zealanders to head west. In an effort to halt the flow, the new Nationalist Party is urging special bonus payments to any doctor or nurse willing to work in areas that are impoverished which would help medical students to pay off loans. They are going to offer housing breaks and to raise wages.

The New Zealand experience is simply one of many facing nations of the world as a new outburst of movement is occurring. People are seeking out new work environments in their quest for a better standard of living. No nation is immune for this process, and within ten years the United States will experience a similar occurrence.