Immigration Issue A Problem-In Malaysia,That Is!

There are an estimated 200 million people in the world today who fit the definition of being an “immigrant.” President Susilo Barnbang Yudhoyono of Indonesia and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badwai of Malaysis are trying to resolve problems arising from the influx into Malaysia of large numbers of Indonesian migrant workers. They are drawn by the attraction of better paying jobs than what they can find in their own country. A major issue is the lack of protection afforded Indonesian migrant workers in Malaysia. Indonesia’s foreign minister urged the Malaysian government to “speed up the process oto grant migrant wrkers identification cards” that could serve as a substitute for passports. Indonesian officials are upset that in many cases employers seize passports which allows them to maintain strict control of the migrant workers.

It is estimated last year about 48 Indonesian migrant workers died under mysterious circumstances. It is also believed about 1,500 Indonesian maids flee from employers each monthdue to abuse, long working hours or low pay. There is little question Indonesian migrant complaints get short shrift in Malaysian courts. Perhaps, at some point, there is need for some global approach to the global issue of migration.

  • shaazy

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  • Companion

    First: if you leave home and enter another country illegally for work, you must expect a bumpy ride. If this comes as a suprise to you, better stay at home.

    It is not the case that illegal workers have any formal laws protecting them in the country that hosts them, other than basic human rights.

    Obviously the mlay’s would have the same problems in Indonesia, if things were reversed.

    Why Indonesians need to travel to Malaysia for work is suspicious. Indonesia is one of the most wealthy countries ( and largest) in the world, when it comes to natural resources.

    Years ag I deamed about global citizenship. It would be lovely to come and go anywhere you please. many think that all would flood to America. I think in the first decade this would be true. But then I think there would be an equilibrium. I, for one would move to Asia, as would several of my friends.

    If you are illegally working in another country, it was your choice to do so. Be quiet or go home.

  • Fred Stopsky

    In the history of America for over a hundred years there was no distinction between illegal and legal immigrants because we had lax laws or little enforcement. An “illegal immigrant” is a human being. Their presence adds wealth to our society and they have the right to all freedoms as those who are citizens. My uncle was an illegal immigrant from Germany, a good American, whose son fought in WWII.