Immigration To Norway Soars To New Levels

The number of people seeking asylum, or immigration to Norway has reached new heights and its immigration agency(UDI) is barely being able to cope with these demands. Norway is suffering from a severe labor shortage and needs immigrants which has compelled the UDI to process applications in order to meet work demands. There currently are 100,000 foreigners legally allowed to work in Norway which is up nearly 30% from last year. As many as 60 new asylum seekers are arriving in Norway every day and UDI director, Ida Borresen says by the end of this year the asylum total will reach nearly 15,000. She says asylum is being granted to at least 40% of applicants.

Norway is confronting the reality of lower sized families and the need for immigrants n societies entering 21st century post industrial situations. The United States needs its “illegal immigrants” because post industrial societies do not wish to deal with various types of work. At least Norway is openly and honestly dealing with reality.

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    Hello I am a young Palestinian city of Nablus want me to apply for immigration to Norway me a Alathad in my country by the Jews of Palestine and Hamas