Immorality Evident In Israel Youth

Ms. Eden Abergil has created a furor with publication on her Facebook account of the young Israeli girl dressed in a military uniform who is smiling at a blindfolded Palestinian prisoner and in another photo she smiles while three bound Palestinians are behind this representative of modern Israel youth. The sad aspect of this story is a question posed by Ms. Abergil: “What’s wrong with that(pictures)? there was no violence in the pictures, no disrespect,” just an Israeli female soldier smirking at humans who are bound and blindfolded. Ironically, these pictures emerged just as a long lost Nazi film was released. The film was made for propaganda reasons and depicts happy Jews who are dancing and smiling and having a good time in a restaurant. Yes, Ms. Abergil, there is no violence in the photos, no disrespect, just Jews having a gay old time before their departure to death! This is one sick Israeli female. Or, does it suggest after years of occupation, years of violence toward Palestinians, years of seizing land from Palestinians it has warped the soul of Israeli citizens?

Fortunately, a spokesman for the Israel Defense Force sharply condemned the photos and termed them “a serious violation of our morals and our ethical code.” Unfortunately, when you allow young people to spend their lives in a nation which oppresses other people, it impacts the way they think and what they consider to be ethical behavior.