Immunity From Iraq?

American soldiers have been in Iraq for over nine years and in the coming months most will leave. However, it is expected that at least thirty thousand will remain in order to work with Iraq military forces. The Iraq government insists those remaining to train their soldiers should subject to Iraq law and tried in Iraq courts. “If we do not have agreement on the immunity, there will be no agreement on the number of trainers,” said government spokesperson, Ali al-Dabbagh.

Iraq’s government leaves much to be desired when it comes to issues of fairness, respect for law and democracy. We can not allow American soldiers to be subject to the whimsical machinations of  Iraq clerics who  seek to  prove they  are in control of the country. American soldiers in Iraq will be constantly subject to attacks by militants, and this, inevitably, will result in mistakes. Sorry, no American  can trust an Iraq court of law!