Importers And Exporters Of Weapons

Guess which nation has assumed the role of top importer of weapons in the world? The answer is India which has overtaken China as the country which imports the most weapons in the world. Rahul Bedi, an analyst, notes: “india has ambitions to become first a continental and then a regional power. To become a big boy you need to project your power.” India now accounts for 9% of all arms imports with China in second place at 6%. India is spending billions of dollars on fighter jets and aircraft carriers in order to be able to demonstrate its power anywhere in the world. Of course, part of the reason for these expenditures it to make clear to its ongoing enemy, Pakistan, that attempting any military action will result in confronting one of the world’s military powers. The major supplier of India is Russia which has for years been a source of its military equipment.

Naturally, the United States of America continues playing a role in export and import but in this case, we export more weapons than any other nation in the world. At least a trillion dollars is devoted to posturing power while the money could be used to raise standards of living and work to end world poverty.

We suggest that all nations of the world declare war on the Pacific Ocean and dump weapons into its waters. It might add to pollution, but it would save lives.