In advance of Wikileaks release of diplomatic documents from US officials, we offer our own list of examples.

VP Dick Cheney to US Ambassador in England: ” I assume you have convinced PM Blair that his information about no WMD is wrong. God, that guy would lick Bush’s ass to stay on the right side of our beloved leader.”

Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld to VP Cheney: ” I had a meeting with Colin. I suckered him once again about the WMD. For some reason, people in the State Department know there are no such weapons.”

George Bush to US Ambassador in Germany: “If they refuse to go along with the Iraq invasion, just remind them of the Holocaust. I could always start talking about that topic.”

Libby to Cheney: “Mr. Vice President, we are in the process of taking out that loud mouth CIA broad. Tune in tomorrow how the smear process begins.”

Libby to Rumsfeld: “Don, I really liked the bit how you stand all day so why are those damn Muslim rats complaining.”

Bush to US Ambassador in Israel: “Some of my best friends are Jews, but couldn’t they lower the violence a bit. It causes hell when we talk with Saudis about oil.”

Bush to President Mubarak: “How the hell do you get along with those Saudi fanatics? I can’t even get a damn drink when meeting with them, and Laura has to wear that damn chador!”

Obama to Mubarak: “I appreciate your calmness in dealing with Bibi. Just remember, the rule is– never turn your back when that guy is around.”

Secretary of State Clinton to US Ambassador to Turkey: “I have to go to a dinner with Armenian Democrats who are raising money for the campaign. Tell Erdogan if he keeps his calm, I will go to a dinner with American Turks.”