Imran Khan Kan Not Come Here!

The world of Pakistan politics is a riddle wrapped in an enigma. Conservatives hate conservatives, liberals boast of being conservative and God forbid if one is a Christian in this Muslim land. Imran Khan, the most famous person in Pakistan because of his cricket fame has now become a political leader. He divorced his socialite British wife, became a devout Muslim, and works hard to  cooperate with Taliban leaders. In fact, Khan is leading a march to protest drone strikes against  the Taliban.

Is that clear? So,how does the  Taliban respond to this nice guy who likes them? if he marches into their territory to protest drone strikes against them, “If he comes our suicide bombers will target him. We will kill him. We will not accept help  from any infidel. We can fight on our own with the help of God.”

I give up. I next expect the Taliban to welcome aid from Israel.