Imran Khan-Leave Us Alone!

Imran Khan, the famous Pakistan cricket star has entered the political arena and is demanding that his nation stand on its own two feet and end dependance on American aid. His take on the recent US operation that led to the death of Osama bin Laden was: “the biggest lesson is that Pakistan should stand on its own feet, so no to aid, and be a soveriegn country. Our government policies have been dictated by aid, they have been enslaved by aid.” He intends to lead demonstrations against truck convoys bringing supplies to those fighting in Afghanistan. Khan bluntly termed drone attacks as a “violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty” and the result was national “humilitation.”

We applaud his comments, but also find distress at still another refusal on the part of Muslim leaders to acknowledge their own responsibility for what happened in Afghanistan. The Pakistan ISI created the Taliban, it armed the Taliban, it continues to protect the Taliban and gives it sanctuary. It is not US aid that caused these actions.

Khan makes an eloquent indictment of his government which rings true. But, there is no statement about the need for a secular modern education system which could create a new generation of educated Pakistanis. Perhaps, Mr. Khan should glance across the border at India for an example of creating a modern viable society!