In Afghan Fields, The Poppies Blow….

It was just another day in Afghanistan, another British soldier died when his vehicle hit a mine. Staff at the British embassy in Afghanistan have taken to wearing white cardboard poppies in their lapel in honor of British dead, it also the famous line about the British soldiers who died in Flanders fields in WWI. A Kabul bookseller inquired of his British customer about the poppy because to his people, poppies represent money for farmers or for the Taliban or for drug dealers. Most of fighting in Afghanistan has been in southern regions but a few days ago a blast in the northern city of Baghian left seventy dead, including sixty children as well as over a hundred wounded. Even as 7,700 British troops are deployed in Afghanistan, there is frustration at refusal by many NATO nations to send troops or to place restrictions on there being allowed to serve in combat areas.

A recent Taliban slogan has become an effective piece of propoganda. It states, “You have the watches, we have the time.” It is becoming apparent there is considerable lack of enthusiasm among NATO nations to have their soldiers serving in Afghanistan. We are left with the Bush legacy of abandoning Afghanistan in order to invade Iraq leaving chaos in both areas of the world. Is the president going to send 20,000 more troops to Afghanistan in another “surge” movement? “In Flanders fields, the poppies blow…”

  • Greg

    I wouldn’t call the Bush strategy as one of leaving Afghanistan. We are certainly there in greater numbers than any other Nato nation. Unfortunately, most of these other countries have less resolve to be involved. Even those that are there, are less willing to be on the frontlines of the action. Not so surprisingly, that liberals like the author of this blurb would complain about fewer troops in Afghanistan. Likely, if they were in Afghanistan in higher numbers, he’d complain about that too.

  • Fred Stopsky

    You apparently forgot that Bush moved on to the insane war in Iraq before finishing off the Taliban. We “liberals” were the ones who wanted to end the power of the Talliban, you Bushites were the ones who allowed the Taliban to survive. Do you recall that Osama bin Laden was trapped in the mountains but there were not enough American troops to complete the mission of crushing him. Your buddy, George Bush, has done more to expand terrorism in the world than any other leader. He should get the Nobel Prize for Terrorism Expansion.