In Africa, No Equal Rights For Gay Folk

The first black skinned president of the United States of America is winding his way through Africa arguing for creating a new Africa based on the proposition of democracy and equal rights for all people. Senegal is an African democratic nation led by President Macky Sall, who made clear his belief in a democratic society by arguing, “I believe that everybody has a right to be treated equally”and in the next breath made clear that Senegal would not revise its  laws which make homosexuality to be a crime. Most African nations which are working to create democratic societies simply do not believe in equal rights for gays and lesbians. In Uganda, names of homosexuals are listed in the newspaper and those people are subject to beatings, if not jail.

Every action taken against a gay or lesbian today was taken against those who fought for democracy years ago. We become who we hate, all too  often. We meet the enemy only to discover we have met ourselves.