In Defense of Ann Coulter!

Wow! I never thought the day would arrive when this blog would be writing in defense of Ann Coulter, the mouth which roars nonsense, but the recent attacks on her by conservative Republicans simply reveal we live in a nation in which ignorance is bliss if you happen to belong to the Republican party. Ms. Coulter was hired to do a speaking gig at HOMOCON, which is a gay group and this aroused the fury of several Republican websites who immediately denounced her as a traitor to the cause of conservatism. Of course, I am unclear as to whether they feared by speaking to gays it might result in her becoming a lesbian or whether they fear having a conservative speaking to gays will result in thousands of them flocking to the Republican party and ruining its reputation as the center of homophobia. Ms. Coulter thought the entire matter was ridiculous, and pointed out to her fellow(or sister) Republicans, that it could be likely that some gays might even be Republicans.

We strongly suggest to Ms. Coulter when she speaks at HOMOCON to keep her legs crossed in order to avoid arousing sexual desires among gay men. After all, as Glenn Beck and others have long noted, gays are emotionally and sexually weak and the sight of Ann could unleash hidden sexual desires. Of course, when she speaks at lesbian events, open up and welcome the ladies. Who knows? Perhaps, Ann Coulter is a secret weapon for the Republican party and will win for them the gay and lesbian vote.