In Defense Of Clint

It is difficult to turn on the television or communicate on Facebook without encountering some nasty comment regarding the Clint Eastwood event. You know, his conversation with an empty chair. Frankly, I think Clint did a terrific job.Imagine his problems–talking to an empty chair which lacks a personality or powerful views, at a convention which is ready to nominate Mitt Romney, and speaking before an audience which would prefer being at a lynching of President Obama.

OK, so Clint sort of rambled, what would you do if asked to speak about the ideas of Mitt Romney?Hell, Mitt does not even know what those ideas are! Just remember that Clint has been riding horses for decades and during this time has been thrown. If soldiers returning from encounters with IEDs have psychological problems, what is it for those who have been dumped a hundred times by a horse!!

Question: Did Republicans allow Clint to take home the chair?