In Defense Of Palm Palin

I realize there are socialist Democrats who seek to deride a real American who stands tall for restoring this nation to its original principles. Commie loving Obamites are deriding our fearless leader because she writes on her palm and uses this information in order to uphold the American way of life and death. As you know, liberals hate religion and make fun of those like Sarah Palin who never cease opportunities to show respect for her God. What better way to anticipate Palm Sunday than writing on one’s palm words of respect for America? Was it a crime to write, “Lift American Spirits?” Was it a crime to write, “budget cuts?”

Sarah Palin is a fighter for Christianity– that is her crime, not writing on her palms! She wants every day to reflect the spirit of Palm Sunday, is that a crime? Of course, to Socialist God-hating abortionist Democrats celebrating Christianity every day of the year IS a crime!
Sarah– please don’t ever wash your hands again. Sarah, keep them dirty as a symbol to the world that your heart is clean. OK, so, you don’t know where Russia is, is that a crime? But, your hands are filled with the words of God.