In Defense Of Public Nudity

Jacint Ribas is an unassuming man from Barcelona who enjoys hopping on his bike, wandering through the streets of the city enjoying the sights. He is an upright man who enjoys leading with his body thrust right out so everyone can see who he really is in person. Jacint wanders the streets of his beloved city without a stitch of clothes because he believes in nudity. He is head of the Association for the Defense of the Right to Nudity.” When asked why he goes around nude, there is a shrug of the head and quietly he says, “I do it to show it is normal.” At one point he wanted to organize 7,000 stripping down to their birthday suits, but it never came off. There is something intriguing about nudity. For example:

1. It would be interesting if Sarah Palin stripped away the mystery of her bank account and let her followers know exactly how much she has made out of their stupidity.

2. How about seeing Rush Limbaugh in the nude with the stomach hanging down as he rants on about people born overseas.

3. Of course, if Rep. Paul Ryan let us see the real bare facts about his plan to reduce the deficit, he might find a deficit in the number of people who think he makes any sense.

4. I doubt if anyone would pay attention to Michele Bachmann if her idiotic remarks were made in the nude.