In Defense Of Sarah Palin

Nicolle Wallace, a former colleague of Sarah Palin is the latest to come out and make disparaging remarks about the Republican hopeful for the presidency. According to Ms. Wallace, who worked with Palin during her 2008 run for the vice presidency, noted: “She has very obvious deficiencies that will reveal themselves as the nominating contest gets closer. Let he shoot her moose or whatever the heck she does on her (television) show, it will all work out.” I take these remarks to mean Ms. Wallace does not appreciate the brilliance of Sarah Palin. OK, so she is not the brightest person ever to run for the presidency, OK, so maybe she is the most ignorant person to run for the presidency, but where in the Constitution doe sit state that a candidate for president must be intelligent? How come dumb and ignorant people have no right to be heard? I mean, listen to this Ms. Wallace who claims Sarah Palin does not know much about world affairs. “It’s incredibly cynical to think you can win an election without having a thoughtful intellectual discussion with the country, thinking you can just scare people into voting for you.” Sorry, Ms. Wallace, the Republican party just won a great victory by refusing to have a single intellectual idea and they scared the hell out of people–Result? they gained control of the House of Representatives.

it is people like this Ms. Wallace and their talk about being an “intellectual” who get my dander up. If Ms. Wallace thinks Palin is not very bright, let her talk with anyone who voted for the Republican Party. Let’s see, reduce taxes, reduce income, and you can more readily reduce your debts! Gee, I wonder how I can get this done in my life–less money and pay off my debts quicker!!

Sarah Palin’s ignorance is the center of what constitutes a Republican party. So, Ms. Smarty Pants, get away from Sarah Palin. She is the poor man’s substitute for an intelligent person.