In Defense Of The Secret Service

I realize the media and Congress are angry at the Secret Service for engaging with prostitutes when they should have been engaging with security. Actually, the Secret Service was one step ahead of most critics. For example, the “Jump Teams” jumped into Cartagena ahead of the president and what better way of ensuring his security than jumping on some prostitutes? Has anyone considered that Muslim militants might have been recruiting prostitutes and thank God our Secret Service beat them to the vagina!

The  Counter-Assault teams assaulted the prostitutes and thus prevented any assaults on the president by ladies of the night. After all, it is well known that black men want to assault white women and thus by the Secret Service beating Obama to the  gals avoided a terrible scandal.

The members of the Secret Service performed heroically in violating these women before the women violated the president. Members of the Secret Service deserve medals for performing beyond the call of duty!!