In Egypt, Don’t Rail And You Won’t See The Jail!

The state of Egypt is part of the global effort to thwart terrorism and bring democracy to the people of the Middle East. Activist Philip Rizik was rather upset at what happened recently in Gaza when over 1,300 people were killed and since he was in the democratic nation of Egypt he thought it was only natural to take to the streets and express his views. Unfortunately, Mr.Rizik did not grasp he was in “democratic Egypt” which is led by the democratic ruler named Mubarak who believes everyone has the right to express an opinion that supports his rule as leader of the nation. Mr. Rizik was arrested and while in the police station, “I was taken by force from the police station” and sent to another police station where for four days he was interrogated about his weird ideas that one had the right to protest Egyptian policy regarding Gaza.

According to Mr. Rizik if the interrogator did not like what he said, he was blindfolded and the questioning went on day after day. His parents were not allowed to know he was under arrest or where he was being held. He was accused of being a spy for Israel, then he was accused of being a spy for Hamas and while the questions came at him he could hear the sounds of people being tortured.

Eventually, Mr. Rizik was released, but the event is simply another saga in what happens in Mubarak Egypt, the nation which fights terrorism and brings democracy to the Middle East.