In Honor Of David Kato

David Kato was a brave man who fought in the cause of human rights for his fellow Ugandans. He opposed passage of the infamous Anti-Homosexuality Bill which makes it a crime to be gay or lesbian in the African country. A few months ago, a local tabloid published an article which identified Kato as being gay and thus made him the target of violence. Yesterday, a gang of hooligans entered his home, beat him up and then killed him, undoubtedly in the name of God of some entity that does not approve of gays and lesbians. A few years ago, Eudy Simelare of South African athlete, who was a lesbian, became the target of a gang rape, assault and then death when some men decided that was the only way to treat a human who did not share your attitudes about sex.

Unfortunately, all too often in Africa which experienced a hundred years of colonial oppression, there are people who now want to oppress gays and lesbians. How little we internalize the meaning of brutality and wind up behaving in the same manner as those who oppressed us.