In Hooligan Land

There is a land far, far away in the realm of King Putin which is free of such notions of gangsters and thieves. Of course, there are “hooligans.” In Putin land, a hooligan is a creature who actually believes he or she has the right to express ideas which are not in accord with the king of this land. Alexander Lebedev, a rather wealthy individual got the strange idea of creating a political party which would oppose the one and only truth knower, Vladimir Putin.

Naturally, only a hooligan would have such criminal ideas. Mr. Lebedev got into a pushing match with someone named Sergei Polonsky, a friend of our supreme leader. What else could authorities do about this incident which occurred in 2011 but to bring hooligan charges against Lebedev. The possible five year sentence is for the act of hooliganism: “hooliganism motivated by political, ideological, racial, ethnic or religious hatred.”

As far as we know there is no case of someone going to jail who attacked opponents of King Putin.