In Iran,The Truth Is Known–To Government, That Is

A meeting of Iranian government clerics is akin to a session of witches gathering around a pot of boiling water and gazing in to see images of their enemies. The latest example of fear is the arrest of seven people who are allegedly linked to the US funded Farsi -language station. Obviously, if it is not on Radio Tehran whatever is said is, by definition, a lie and an attempt to overthrow the government. The official IRNA news agency charges these diabolical criminals were responsible for hundreds of thousands of Iranians surging through the streets of major cities in protest against stolen elections and denial of basic human rights. Of course, these “agents of Satan” were trained overseas in how to speak the truth.

The Iranian government simply has lost grasp of what at least half the people are thinking or to understand anger at beatings and killings of innocent young people. The government also claims it arrested two German diplomats, but the German government has no knowledge of any missing diplomats. In case you run across one of them, say “mum is the word for today.”