In Israel, Jews Count-The Others Don’t!

Once upon a time there used to be a democratic nation in the Middle East that went by the name of-ISRAEL. In those former days, the Israel people believed that Arabs had the right to their property and the right to have their own government. After all, that was the United Nations plan for ending the British Mandate and creating two independent nations. Once again, Israel authorities sanctioned seizing more Arab land on the West Bank in order to build more homes for Jews. The European Union opposes such action as does the United Nations.

Let me point out that the Israel government is furious that Iran refuses to accept United Nations demands. If Iran refuses to accept the UN it simply is proof that Iran can not be trusted. If Israel refuses to accept UN demands,  it simply is further evidence that God opposes the UN and the rest of the world. If God is on your side it proves other nations are not!