In Lair Of Syrian Generals

The history of guerrilla wars is replete with evidence that not being able to understand your enemy, his goals, his rationale for fighting  is a sure thing to lose this conflict to the enemy. Reporter Robert Fisk, of the Independent, was able to spend a few hours with several Syrian generals and soldiers who are actively engaged in fighting rebels. Generals referred to their enemy as “mice” who “snipe at us, and then run and  hide in the sewers. Foreigners, Turks, Chechens, Afghans,” and “yes, Syrians too, but smugglers and criminals.” As for Syrian soldiers who desert and cross over to the enemy, they are incompetent men who are only “motivated only by money.”

It is difficult to grasp if Syrian generals actually believe they are being opposed by an army drawn from  foreign nations.It is difficult to believe if these men actually believe they come to cities to protect civilians, “at their  request.” If these generals continue with such beliefs concerning the enemy, it is simply a matter of time before Assad will be headed for an airport and flying off to China or Russia.