In Mexico, Trash Dump Means Bodies!

A long, long time ago in America, people used various forms of drugs, and, for some strange reason the republic did not collapse and life proceeded along with normal rates of deaths by criminals. However, at the turn of the 20th century, the American government and people decided that certain forms of drugs were “evil” and had them banned. The result has been an enormous growth in gangs, gang wars, death and destabilization of communities throughout Latin America. Police discovered a huge mass grave containing at least 51 dead bodies which had been laid to rest in a trash dump outside the city of Monterrey. Investigators discovered most of the bodies had tattoos from a multitude of gangs and the 48 men and 3 women undoubtedly were killed as a result of gang wars. Since the Mexican government initiated a campaign against drug lords in 2006, an estimated 25,000 Mexicans have been killed. The police and army are fighting drug cartels, drug lords are fighting drug lords, and thousands of innocent Mexicans are trapped in this cross fire of hate, greed, and destruction.

Military force is one option in dealing with drug lords. However, a more practical option would be to legalize drugs in America, grant the government a monopoly on sale of drugs, offer low cost drugs linked to rehabilitation programs and end the power of drug cartels in Latin America. The mass grave was not the result of gang violence, it stemmed from Americans who refuse to legalize all drugs and assist victims of drugs to learn ways of living without such assistance in their daily lives.

  • Woom

    If you legalize drugs more people will die from them…