In Misrata Is Misery

The confusing picture emerging from Libya is three fold–Gaddafi forces in the west, rebel forces in the east, and a lot of folk caught in between. Misrata is the third largest city in Libya and among the most literate group of people. As Abdullah Mohammed, an engineer who lives in the city put it: “We did not rise up in Misrata because we are poor. We rose up because we want freedom…We cannot let our children go through 40 more years of this–Gaddafi being followed by his sons.” The men of Misrata are fighting Gaddafi’s army without much assistance from rebel forces in the eastern section of the country. Omar Hassani told members of the media his men lack military training but they are fighting the Gaddafi army block by block and improvising as they proceed. “We are trying things and most of the time it has worked.”

Unfortunately, when eastern rebels encounter the Gaddafi army and fail to win they can get in their trucks and head back to Benghazi or even Tobruck. The men of Misrata must stand and fight and if they do not win, thousands of innocent people will die. There is a reason to support for those fighting Muammar Gaddafi.