In Mugabeland, Music Is On Suspect List

There are ways to deal with losing an election in civilized nations including improving one’s ideas and relationships with people, but in Mugabeland that is not a viable procedure. His government has uncovered a unique approach to regaining power in Parliament– arrest opposition members on crazy charges. A few days ago, a member of the Movement for Democratic Change led by Morgan Tsvangirai, was arrested for stealing a cell phone from someone with whom he was having lunch. But, today’s arrest ushers in a new and dramatic manner of getting rid of people you don’t like. Get them on the music charge. Stewart Garadhi, an MP for the MDC, was driving along listening to music and he played a song that was popular among members of the MDC.

Mr. Garadhi now faces charges that he played a song that denigrated the illustrious leader of Zimbabwe, the Supreme Honcho, Robert Mugabe. According to Nelson Chamiri the song being played was “Nharembozha” which pokes fun at Mugabe.

Oh, well, I am certain the Zimbabwe police now have a special unit whose task is to find crimes they can charge members of the MDC with and throw them into prison.