In Nigeria, Stone The Sharia Court!

It is a very common outcome in some Sharia courts for the defendant who is found guilty of being an immoral individual to wind up being stoned to death. Events in a Nigerian Sharia court sort of turned out the exact opposite from normal events. Seven men were accused of being homosexuals and put on trial in the Upper Sharia Court 4 in the state of Bauchi in the country of Nigeria. The men had been identified when a person named, “Fynboy” persuaded a homosexual who had contacted him to come to his apartment where Edward was then grabbed and forced to turn over private documents. This led to the arrest of six other men who were accused of being homosexual. The first witness said he knew one man was a homosexual because “he always dressed smartly.”

Judge El Yakubu Aliyu was astounded at the comment. “This is not an argument in a court of law.” He went on to quote the famous Jewish scholar, Moses Maimonides who said: “It is better to acquit a thousand guilty men than to put a single innocent man to death.”

Once those words were heard the court was subject to dozens of rocks being thrown and chaos. The judge was rushed to safety along with the men as a mob gathered outside shouting “God will punish homosexuals.” Nigeria has made homosexuality a crime and now the criminals are in the streets. Unfortunately, nor fortunately, they are not the homosexuals.