In Political Trouble–Seek God!

There is an old adage in politics that as troubles pile up, simply head for the nearest religious center and invoke God. Nicolas Sarkozy is in big political trouble as mistakes pile up and his popularity heads down. Naturally, he headed straight for a town in France which is connected to the historic Catholic Church and made clear to one and all how “the magnificent Christian heritage” is responsible for the greatness of France. He went on, “this is the France that we love, the France we’re proud of, the France that has roots.” On his right, the French president heard the cannon of right wingers like Jean-Marine Le Pen” who are screaming about Muslims destroying the heritage of Christian France.

There is no doubt if Muslims did not exist in France, Sarkozy would have discovered someone or some group to present as “the enemy” which was threatening the glory that is France and the glory that is the Catholic Church. Wrap oneself around the Cross and one will not be crucified.