In Somalia, Shock and Awe, Then Stalemate

The American aided invasion of Somalia by Ethiopian troops, which resulted in a rout of Islamic forces, is a duplicate of American’s initial success in destroying the army of Saddam Hussein. It was easy for American troops to overwhelm Saddam’s forces just as it was easy for Ethiopian troops to mow down Islamic soldiers who had no idea of fighting a modern war. But, after what appeared to be success (remember how America gloated over the Rumsfeld “victory?”) one is left with the aftermath — stalemate.

Ethiopian troops drove the radical Islamic movement from power and took over Mogadishu. The easy part was chasing the enemy from the capital; the difficult part is putting the nation back together again. A State Department official recently said, “The Ethiopians are working for an opportunity to exit, but not until they are confident that the security environment will prevent a return to chaos.” Ethiopia, which is mainly Christian, feared creation of a radical Muslim government on its border and acted decisively to destroy that entity. They did the destroying just as America wiped out Saddam’s army. Now, Ethiopia appears bogged down with insurgents who bomb, employ suicide tactics, and refuse to melt away. In this case, America used a proxy force to do its bidding, but, unfortunately for the Ethiopians they are stuck with fighting and fighting insurgents with no end in sight. Ethiopians, welcome to the world of George Bush. You will be fighting for “victory” until you realize no such thing as “victory” will happen. So, you will be dying in a war that has no end because “war” is not the solution.
Information from the Lebanon Star