In Texas Run To Right Of Right

The state of Texas has become the main place in the United States of America which contains people who are true Christians and willing to out do any person or organization or state or nation in the contest as to which area of the world contains the most heavily populated center of stupidity. Senator John Coryn is running for reelection and has been cited by the National Journal as the second most conservative senator in the land. Hell, how could a decent Texan who believes in the right of people to shoot on sight any foreigner or illegal immigrant vote for a man who came in SECOND! Ted Cruz informed the people of Texas they are Number One in everything good and holy and warlike so why settle for number two when they can get Number One. He wants Texans to vote for the Tea Party candidate because that would ensure that Texas has both the Number One and Number One and a Half best senators.

Lt. Governor Ted Abbot is seeking the job just vacated by Governor Rich Perry and he wants the folks to know that he is not only a conservative but he does know the names of members of the Cabinet. His buddy, Ted Nugent, just made clear that Barack Obama is some sort of ape from Africa and we in Texas do not want apes running our nation.

OK, so some sissy LIBERAL Democrats want to talk about poverty or pollution or water infrastructure issues, but how could anyone waste their time on such drivel when we have to talk about abortion or gay rights? After all, this is the state which has State Senator the head of an Education committee point out the truth: “A citizen who cannot carry a fire arm is not much of a citizen.!”