In Thailand, Be Silent

I am quite aware that it is impossible for me to take a trip to Thailand due to words that have been written on this blog about the kind of Thailand. Article 112 of Thailand’s criminal code makes clear to one and all the penalty for “whoever defames, insults or threatens the king, the queen, the heir to the throne or the regent” with an opportunity to receive a three to five year vacation in a prison within the country. This would afford time for those with a loose mouth to reflect and feel sorrow for their unfortunate choice of words.Yuthapoom Martnok is currently in prison because his brother told the police about his comments regarding the Monarch of the realm. Fortunately, a judge reviewed the evidence and decided there was no one other than the brother who was making such claims defaming the king. So, they let him go.

I think it is about time the government of Thailand gets into the modern world. How about contacting the CIA or NSA about installing some surveillance machinery to check whether people in Thailand are making nasty remarks about the monarch of the realm? It is satisfying knowing the people of Thailand love the king. I wonder if we could borrow the King of Thailand for a few years. Then, we could send to prison members of the Tea Party since they could not go through a day without insulting someone in government.