In The Land Of Putin Fantasy

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. Yes, my little girl, there is a man who loves all people, although in honesty, he loves most of all those who believe in Santa Claus. He so admires a man or woman who goes to bed believing in heart that someone watches over all people in Russia with love and kindness. Vladimir Putin is such a man. OK, so he did spend his early years of life working for the secret policy in the Soviet Union. OK, so he  did learn how to send people to  jail for no other crime than not believing in what he says or believes. In his heart, there was always a belief that to believe in Putin is to believe in the truth.

Alexy Navalny is not a nice man. For some strange reason he does not believe the all wise, all loving Vladimir Putin knows what is best for Russia. So, Alexy will soon go on trial in a  distant city, far away from Moscow and its prying media folk. Alexy went into the forest and stole 10,000 cubic metros of lumber. Why he stole this lumber I do not know. But, Vladimir knows he stole the lumber.