In Turkish Democracy Opposition Limited

Turkey is regarded as a democratic nation. It has a Pariament, it has newspapers which can print their ideas, it has elections, it has schools, it has multiple organizations and it has a government led by Prime Minister Recep Erdogan which believes that in a democracy the government has the right to decide what opposition groups can print. The opposition Republican People’s Party(CHP) was informed by advertising companies that it’s political billboards could not be printed because they displayed words that were “over-crtical” of the government.” These advertising companies obtain contracts from the government so they do not wish to lose business by allowing free speech. After all, which comes first, free speech or dough?

This is simply one more piece of evidence that PM Erdogan has decided that since in the past his party was persecuted it is now time for him to get revenge. This is short sighted and eventually will divide and fracture the basis of democracy in Turkey.