Income Gap Continues Widening In China

Although the media continues reporting the phenomenal economic growth of China, it still remains a nation containing about 900,000,000 people who live in rural areas. Latest figures indicate rural Chinese earn an average of about $546 compared to the approximate $1800 earned by urban workers. There continues to be growth in rural incomes, but even as they increase, the gap continues to widen. But, inability to create a more dramatic rural growth adds other burdens to China. More and more rural people migrate to urban areas in search of a better life which increases demands for farm products although fewer and fewer people are farmers. China’s greatest deficit is in the amount of money allocated for farm production, it lags behind the effort made by many other societies.

An effective strategy that would aid China is pouring massive amounts of money to improve education and medical facilities in rural China. That, together with allocating much more funds for science and technological developments for the agricultural sector might reduce the flow of migrants to urban areas which are growing at a dramatic rates and raising ecological and human problems.