Increase Gross National Product

In an effort to increase the economic growth of Italian society, the government has decided to include in Gross National Product figures, money obtained through the illegal drug trade and that earned by prostitutes. Finally, a government which is committed to reflect the actual use of money in order to clarify how members of a society expend their use of money. We offer some other products that might also be included:

1. The number of bullets expended in pretend use of weapons by our heroes who just dare THE GOVERNMENT to halt firing bullets into deer and other enemies of the state.

2. The amount of hot air used during a normal day of work in the United States Congress.

3. The amount of money exchanged between lobbyists and government officials.

4. The amount of shit generated during a normal day by members of the United States government.

5. The number of times Supreme Court Justices render a verdict to protect those with money.

6. The number of words produced by Senator Ted Cruz in condemning President Obama for some sort of treason to the nation.