“Indefensible Borders?”

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanayhu appeared before the American Congress to deliver a speech in which he claimed Israel was being forced by the Muslim American president to adhere to borders which his nation could not defend. Congressmen leaped to their feet, shouted approval of this gallant man who was trying to protect his people from getting overwhelmed by hordes of Muslims whose only goal was to kill innocent Israelis. He gave a speech that readily could have been given by such noted experts on Middle Eastern policy such as Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann. The speech had no resemblance to reality, but why should we expect members of Congress to know anything about the boundary lines of Israel or its neighbors?

The border lines between Israel and the West Bank that were urged by President Obama were the same that was the goal of previous American presidents such as George Bush and William Clinton. They are the same border lines that were present in 1967 when Israel readily defeated its enemies. Let us examine the lines:

The Obama suggestion would place Israel on the same lines as in 1967. It would be facing a Palestinian nation which would be demilitarized.

The eastern border of the demilitarized Palestine would border on Jordan. Jordan lacks any army that could mount any offense against Israel.

Egypt is an economic basket case and there is no interest in war with anyone, especially Israel.

Syria is also in chaos and lacks a military that could handle Israel.

So, exactly which country or countries are going to attack Israel and how does the 1967 border fit into a defensive plan?