India And Rape

The war on women is among the most ignored in our world. Say the word, “terrorist” and nations are prepared to dispatch troops and planes and drones to identify those creatures and wipe them off the face of the Earth. Say the word, “rape” and, all too often, the response is a smile or an expression that “women entice men by their dress so you should understand why women get attacked, they caused it.” No one ever excuses terrorists for their actions. The Parliament  of India has finally passed legislation dealing with rape. Actions such as stalking, voyeurism, and sexual harassment are now crimes. There will be a death penalty possibility for anyone who repeatedly rapes women.

It is now a crime in India if police refuse to investigate a report of rape. These are excellent new laws, but the central question is whether police will enforce the laws. All too often police in India simply place the charge on the bottom of the pile. Time passes and evidence is no longer fresh.

Unfortunately, the new legislation does not make rape in marriage a crime.