India Doesn’t Want War Says Prime Minister

As Pakistan planes zoomed in the sky preparing to deal with any aircraft from India that might be launching an attack, the prime minister of India spoke of peace and conciliation. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh insisted that “nobody wants war” and tried to reduce tension between the countries. Admiral Mike Mullen, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, again visited Pakistan to urge calm and avoidance of provocative actions that might inflame the situation. The head of Interpol visiting in New Dehli, said Pakistan had agreed to cooperate with his organization in tracking down those involved in the Mumbai attacks. India has yet to share its information with Pakistan which has complicated the situation. However, it claims the captured gunman Mohammed Ajmal Kasab said he came from Pakistan.

Step one is allowing Interpol to play an important role in the investigation and this means both sides have to open files. Step two is for Pakistan to finally clean house in its secret service, the ISI and make that organization a force for peace, not for arming groups to carry out terrorist attacks.