India Offers Talk, Pakistan Offers Toughness

The government of India has offered to engage in discussions with Pakistan over issues that currently create antagonism between the nations. Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, said his nation was more than ready to have discussions and his nation would present their own ideas as well as listen to those of India. Undoubtedly, they will discuss the ever present issue of Kashmir, water rights and how both can confront terrorism. But, the Pakistani leader made clear his nation would not bow down to the Indian agenda. There are reports both foreign ministers have agreed on an agenda for meetings as well as dates, but these reports are news to Qureshi.

The bottom line is that over 500,000 Pakistan troops face east toward India while about 50,000 face west toward tribal areas where there are terror groups. Until Pakistan and India resolve their conflicts in such a manner as to free up Pakistan forces to head west and deal with the problem that Pakistan faces today, not tomorrow.