India–Pakistan –Facing The Wrong Way?

During the past thirty years over a million soldiers have been gathered on the border of India and Pakistan awaiting the call to arms. They daily practice for a war that will never come, generals inspect men who will spend their entire life sitting in bunkers, flying planes, engaged in maneuvers for a war that simply can not be fought since both sides have atomic weapons. As these hundreds of thousands of men sit idly by, growing bored, spending endless hours at target practice in order to become skilled at doing nothing, within their respective nations, there are armed militants attacking mosques, holy places, blowing up trains, killing members of the police and creating mayhem. Maoist militants in India just blew up a train, they also blew up a bus and killed 31 police and earlier in the month, ambushed a patrol and killed 70 soldiers. Of course, India lacks soldiers to confront the 20,000 Maoists who wander through 20 of the 29 states in the nation not worrying about being harassed because the soldiers of India are facing Pakistani soldiers.

It is time for Pakistan and India to have a meeting, agree to focus on their internal issues, and accept the reality there will be no further fighting between the two nations. At the meeting, they could also find a peaceful resolution of the long standing conflict over Kashmir and get on with the task of ridding their respective nations of militants.