India To Pakistan-Here Is The Evidence-Act!

The Indian government for weeks has been engaging in rhetoric concerning terrorists who carried out the attacks on Mumbai, but it has finally decided to bring forth evidence to support its allegations. Foreign Secretary Shivshankar Menon turned over to Pakistani high commissioner, Shahid Malik evidence that Mumbai terrorists were trained in Pakistan and had connections with the Pakistan military in preparation for their attacks in India. Interrogation information extracted from the one captured Pakistani, Amir Kasab, reveal that “elements in Pakistan” provided assistance to the terrorists. Menon said a window of opportunity is now open for Pakistan to finally do something about ties between those “elements” and terrorism. Pakistan supposedly has promised to act with vigor in using the evidence to close down terrorist connections with members of the Pakistan military and secret service.

Hopefully, Pakistan will now begin sharing information with Indian authorities about what their investigation has uncovered. The main problem is that the infamous Pakistan secret intelligence service–ISI– is deeply linked with terrorism and it poses problems for any Pakistan government to do anything without causing turmoil within its own military.